"Late September, Waning Moon"

oil on panel 24"x 28" framed




"Inside the Canyon:

Visions of Canyon de Chelly, Navajoland"

The first in a series of new paintings honoring the spirit and colors of this sacred place.

In late September 2008 I spent six days camping and painting in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona with the Taos Art School, and a wonderful group of Navajo guides.

I've visited before, some years ago, and painted from the canyon rim, and was fortunate enough to have one afternoon in the canyon with a Navajo guide.....but this trip was different.....total immersion inside the canyon!

To awaken each day in such a remarkable place, and know that my only job was to soak in the beauty and to choose what to paint next, was a pure joy!

"Where The Soul Is At Home"

oil on panel 26"x 26" framed


There is an immediacy, being surrounded by the whispers of Anasazi culture, that feels like time out of time. In this particular place in Navajoland, the old is woven in with the new, and the earth prevails over anything modern by its awesome presence.

Life from another time is bleeding through in this canyon. The layers are more visible, more living.

"The Ancient Song Of Purple Asters"

oil on panel 24"x 26" framed



The feeling of summer still lingered, although it was already one week into fall, and the magnificent Cottonwood trees were only just beginning to change colors. It was a golden moment between seasons, still so warm and abundant, with clear, star-filled nights.





"Almost Turning"

oil on panel 22"x22" framed



"Window On The World, Womb Of Creation"

oil on panel 24"x 28" framed


"Spider Rock, Trail Of Stars"

oil on panel 30 "x 26 " framed





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There is a spirit in this canyon , and a deep silence within these ancient sandstone walls streaked with desert varnish....Only the echoes of animals and birds: crow, coyote, Navajo horses and canyon wrens, pierce the quiet. The earth, soft and red, and the cool shadows moving with the sun, create an atmosphere of beauty all around.



I have huge gratitude for the friends I made, and for the unique opportunity I had to visit and paint in Canyon de Chelly.

These paintings were all created on location, and are reflections of an extraordinary experience in a sacred place.